How many meters per second is the force six wind

Level 6 wind is 10.8-13.8m/s. The wind speed is the forward speed of the wind. The greater the pressure difference between the two adjacent places, the faster the air flows, the greater the wind speed, and the greater the power of the wind. Therefore, the wind force is usually used to represent the size of the wind. The unit of wind speed is expressed in meters per second or kilometers per hour.

How many meters per second is the force six wind

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Wind speed refers to the movement rate of air relative to a fixed place on the earth. The common unit is m / s, 1m / S = 3.6km/h. There is no grade for wind speed, and wind speed is the basis for wind grade classification. Generally speaking, the higher the wind speed is, the higher the wind grade is, and the greater the damage of the wind is. Wind speed is one of the main parameters of climatology. The measurement of atmospheric stroke plays an important role and significance for global climate change research, aerospace and military applications.

How many meters per second is the force six wind

Wind has both size and direction. Therefore, wind prediction includes wind speed and wind direction. Wind speed is usually expressed by wind level. The level of wind is determined according to the influence of wind on ground objects. In meteorology, it is generally divided into 17 levels according to the size of wind force. In weather forecast, we often hear words such as north wind force 4 to 5. At this time, the wind force refers to the average wind force; If you hear words such as gust level 7, the gust refers to the wind with high and low wind speed, and the wind at this time refers to the wind when it is high.

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