What kind of officials are they

Du Tong was the highest officer of the "garrison eight banners" all over the country in the Qing Dynasty, and the Manchu language was Gushan EZHEN. In charge of the Eight Banners army, guarding important military areas, and also in charge of civil affairs in the garrison areas. Where there are garrison generals, there are usually Deputy generals, all of whom are official posts of the first and second grade, and the Manchu language is Meile Zhangjing.

What kind of officials are they

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Du Tong is the name of an ancient military official. It was first seen in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The famous general Wen Qiao of the Eastern Jin Dynasty once recommended Yu Liang for this post. In the 19th year of Jianyuan (383), "Fu Jian launched an attack on the Eastern Jin Dynasty, enlisted more than 30000 rich children under the age of 20 to ride, and unified young people to lead them". Tang Dynasty, Liao Dynasty and Jin Dynasty. The military officer was named Jin taiyuanzhong. Fu Jian of the former Qin Dynasty invaded Jin and recruited more than 3000 rich children under 20. He began to set up a young Dutong as a general to lead young soldiers.

In the late Qing Dynasty, the military system was reformed. The army was divided into 14 ranks from general to corporal. The Deputy capital is the third level, the first and second grade, which is equivalent to the chief soldier of the old system and has the qualification to be the commander (lieutenant general).

What kind of officials are they

In the late Tang Dynasty, in order to crusade against the vassal towns and suppress the peasant uprising, the imperial court set up a unified camp system as the commander of all the soldiers; Liao and Jin dynasties also have the names of Dutong and deputy Dutong.

During the period of the national government, the title of a military rank in the military rank system implemented in individual regions was first-class and first-class, which was divided into three grades and ten grades. Its title was similar to the title of an officer in the late Qing Dynasty: first-class and first-class were called Dutong, first-class and second-class were called Deputy Tong, etc.

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