How many levels of protected animals are badgers

There are many kinds of badgers, and most of them are protected animals. Among them, wolverine is a national key protected animal in China. Honey badger, dog badger and weasel badger have been listed in the endangered species list of the World Conservation Union. Any hunting and all kinds of human disturbance activities including other species are prohibited. If hunting is illegal.

How many levels of protected animals are badgers

Badgers usually have gray fur, black lower abdomen, black-and-white stripes on their face and white ears. It mainly eats earthworms, but it also eats insects, beetles and small mammals. Badger and American badger belong to weasel family, but they are not the same species. There are great differences in distribution, feeding habits or habits.

How many levels of protected animals are badgers

Wolverines mainly live in the jungles on the edge of the Arctic and subarctic regions. Their footprints can sometimes be seen in Northeast China. Probably because they are both as cruel as wolves and badgers, so they are named. In fact, the Wolverine belongs to the weasel family and is the largest animal in the family. It is up to 1 meter long and weighs 25 kg. It is mainly brown and looks like a small brown bear from a distance.

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