Ripening principle of kiwi fruit and apple

Because mature apples will produce a gas ethylene, which can accelerate the ripening of other fruits, soften kiwi fruit and make kiwi fruit mature quickly. In addition, kiwifruit is particularly sensitive to ethylene in the environment. The higher the ethylene concentration, the faster the post ripening speed. Under normal temperature, kiwi fruit will soften after about 3 days to reach the best edible state.

Ripening principle of kiwi fruit and apple

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Ripening is a technology that uses artificial acceleration to make crops mature. Generally, it is used when crops cannot mature normally under natural conditions, or need to mature early, or it is required to reach the maturity standard of harvested but immature fruits in a short time. Some fruits, such as bananas, persimmons and tomatoes, must be harvested before the products are ripe in order to meet the needs of balanced supply and outward transportation in the market. By means of ripening, the harvested fruit can mature within the required time.

Ripening principle of kiwi fruit and apple

At present, ethylene and ethephon are the most widely used ripening methods. If persimmon and banana are sprayed with 500-1000ppm ethephon on the fruit surface, they can mature in 3-5 days; Citrus, apple, peach and apricot can also be ripened with Ethephon; Spraying 800 ppm of ethephon before frost or about 20 days before rod pulling can promote boll cracking. A small amount of bananas are ripened by charcoal fire or incense, while a small amount of persimmons are desaturated by soaking the fruits in warm water at 35-40 ℃ for 16-18 hours.

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