What does "three concepts" mean

The combination of Three Outlooks means that people's world outlook, values and outlook on life are roughly the same and agree with each other. World outlook, values and outlook on life are the three views recognized by most people. They are dialectical unity and interaction. The lofty truth, goodness and beauty are the pursuit goals of the three views.

What does "three concepts" mean

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Everyone brings his own projection when dealing with others. A person who can accept himself well will be easier to establish a good relationship with others; And a person who doesn't get along well with his own relationship is also prone to problems in getting along with others. Because they are not satisfied with themselves, it is difficult for these people to really appreciate others. If the other party happens to have some words and deeds they don't like, they will focus all their attention on this disharmony and ignore the good aspects of the bilateral relationship.

What does "three concepts" mean

If a person can only understand the problem from his own point of view and can't transpose thinking, his tolerance for different will be greatly reduced and lead to incompatibility. Everyone has his own characteristics and personality. These characteristics are established in the process of personal growth, and there is no difference between good and bad. If we can see the deep intention under each other's behavior and the internal reasons for doing so, it is easy to understand and tolerate others.

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