What is the name of China's first lunar exploration satellite

Chang'e-1, China's first satellite orbiting the moon, was developed by the Chinese Academy of space technology. It was launched by a long march 3A carrier rocket at Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 18:05 on October 24, 2007. The main detection target of the satellite is to obtain three-dimensional images of the lunar surface; The content of useful elements and the distribution characteristics of material types on the lunar surface are analyzed; Detecting the thickness of lunar soil and the space environment from earth to moon.

What is the name of China's first lunar exploration satellite

Extended data:

The lunar exploration project is the third milestone in China's space activities after man-made earth satellites and manned spaceflight. The complete success of Chang'e-1 satellite's first lunar exploration has set the third milestone in China's aerospace, breaking through and mastering a large number of core and key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, making China one of the few countries in the world with deep space exploration capability, and realizing the "first" of many Chinese aerospace history and spacecraft : China's first lunar exploration satellite was developed and successfully launched for the first time; For the first time, it realized the flight around the moon and scientific exploration; For the first time, the overall design idea and development process of deep space exploration mission have been formed, which fully reflects the significant enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, the continuous improvement of independent innovation ability and scientific and technological level.

What is the name of China's first lunar exploration satellite


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