What does conch girl mean

Conch girl is a figure in ancient Chinese legend, which is the embodiment of a fairy in the sea. The gentle, virtuous and beautiful conch girl fell in love with the hardworking fisherman. Later, she was separated because she was found by the goddess of Poseidon that conch broke into the world and fell in love with mortals. Finally, the boy's sincerity moved the goddess of Poseidon, and finally they got married.

What does conch girl mean

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Conch girl story introduction: there lived a young man on the beach. One day, when he went fishing, he caught a golden conch. The young man took the conch home and put it into the water tank. Later, when the youth went to sea, the conch turned into a girl to help the youth cook and mend clothes. The conch turned out to be a fairy in the sea. Because she envied the youth's daily work life, she decided to accompany the youth.

What does conch girl mean

They became friends and worked and sang together every day. Three years later, the mother of the conch, empress Poseidon, knew the trace of the conch. She threatened to flood the world and wanted to separate the conch fairy from the youth. But the youth's courage and sincerity finally moved the goddess of the sea and agreed that the conch fairy lived with the youth.

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