What day is chrysanthemum Festival

Chrysanthemum Festival is on September 9 every year, also known as Double Ninth Festival. In ancient times, people used to climb high to pray for blessings, visit chrysanthemums in autumn, wear Cornus, worship gods and ancestors, drink banquets and pray for longevity on the Double Ninth Festival. Up to now, the connotation of respecting the elderly has been added. Climbing the mountain to enjoy autumn and Thanksgiving and respecting the elderly are the two important themes of today's Double Ninth Festival activities.

What day is chrysanthemum Festival

Festival introduction:

The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, which falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month every year. Nine numbers are Yang numbers in the book of changes. The two Yang numbers of nine and nine are equal, so it is called double ninth. Because both the sun and the moon meet nine, it is also called double nine. Returning to the true world in September, the beginning of one yuan, the ancients believed that the Double Ninth Festival in September was an auspicious day.

Expand knowledge:

The Double Ninth Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena. It began in ancient times, popularized in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished after the Tang Dynasty. According to the existing historical materials and textual research, in ancient times, there were harvest worship and ancestor worship activities in the autumn; According to Lu's spring and Autumn Annals, the ancients offered sacrifices to the emperor of heaven and ancestors at the harvest of crops in September to thank the emperor of heaven and ancestors for their kindness.

What day is chrysanthemum Festival

This is the original form of the Double Ninth Festival as an autumn harvest sacrifice. The Tang Dynasty is an important period for the integration and finalization of traditional festivals and customs, and its main part has been inherited to this day. The Double Ninth Festival ancestor worship folk custom has existed for thousands of years, which is an ancient folk custom with profound significance. Double Ninth Festival, new year's Eve, Qingming Festival and July and a half are known as the four traditional ancestor worship festivals in China.

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