Can ordinary people use meeting

Ordinary people can not meet with meeting. Meeting refers to the meeting between the country's top leaders. In addition, words such as meeting, meeting and meeting with friends are also not allowed. Meetings are mainly used in government and diplomatic occasions. They are very formal, and they should be held in public and private occasions.

Can ordinary people use meeting

Meeting means meeting, meeting and talking. Meet on a fixed date. It is often used to describe the meeting between senior leaders.

Can ordinary people use meeting

Meeting, internationally known as receiving or visiting. Where a person of high status meets a person of low status, or the host meets a guest, this kind of meeting is also called reception or summoning.

Talks refer to the exchange of views between two or more parties on some major political, economic, cultural, military issues and other issues of common concern. Talks can also refer to business negotiations or negotiations on specific business. The content is more formal, political or professional.

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