What branch was the earliest thrush used

The earliest thrush was painted on eyebrows after burning willow branches. Thrush is the most popular and common makeup method in China, which was produced in the Warring States period. In the Han Dynasty, thrushes became more common, and the more they were painted, the better they looked. Since the Han Dynasty, thrushes have become more and more popular. In the era of Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji, the romantic emperor of the Tang Dynasty, he inherited and developed the style of the previous generation of Thrushes, making thrushes more colorful.

What branch was the earliest thrush used

The materials used by ancient women's thrushes changed with the development of the times. According to the literature records, the earliest thrush material is Dai. Dai is a black mineral, also known as "Shidai". Before painting, the stone must be ground on the inkstone to make it into powder, and then mixed with water. Moshi Dai's inkstone was found in many Han tombs, indicating that this kind of cosmetics had been used in the Han Dynasty.

What branch was the earliest thrush used

In addition to Shi Dai, there are copper Dai, Green Finch head Dai and Luozi Dai. Copper Dai is a copper rust like chemical. Green sparrow head Dai is a dark gray thrush material, which was introduced from the western regions in the northern and Southern Dynasties. Luozi Dai is the thrush material for women in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is produced in Persia. It is a processed Dai block that has become various specified shapes. When in use, it can only be dipped in water without grinding. Because its appearance and manufacturing process are similar to the ink ingot used for calligraphy and painting, it is also called "graphite" or "thrush ink". In the Song Dynasty, thrush ink was more widely used, and women rarely used Shi Dai again.

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