Which province and city does fan County belong to

Fan county belongs to Puyang City, Henan Province. It is the origin of fan, Gu, Qin and Yao. During the Anti Japanese War, it was the residence of the party, government and military organs in the Hebei Shandong Henan border region, known as the "little Yan'an" in North China. The county covers an area of 590 square kilometers, governs 7 towns, 5 townships and 574 administrative villages, and has cultural relics such as Danzhu cultural site, Minzi tomb, Su You tomb and fan Wuzi tomb.

Which province and city does fan County belong to

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Fan county is located in the northeast of Henan Province, on the North Bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, looking at Taihang in the West and Daiyue in the East. It covers an area of 590 square kilometers and has a population of 504000. It governs 4 towns, 8 townships, 1 Industrial Cluster and 586 administrative villages. Fan county has a long history. It is the ancient ruins of Zhuanxu family. It is the hometown of Emperor Shun. It belongs to Xia and Kunwu. It is the capital of Jin in the spring and Autumn period. It was first established in the early Western Han Dynasty (206 BC). It is named after fan Shui in the south. So far, it has a history of more than 2200 years.

Which province and city does fan County belong to

Zheng Banqiao, one of the "eight monsters of Yangzhou", once served as a county magistrate here for five years. There are Danzhu cultural relics, Suyou tomb and other cultural relics in the territory. Fan county has been a battleground for strategists since ancient times. Famous wars such as the "battle of Chengpu" in the ancient Jin and Chu dynasties, the "battle of sun Pang and wisdom" in the Qi and Wei dynasties, and the "battle of Liu Qiao" in the five dynasties all took place here. During the revolutionary war, it was once the base area of the Hebei Shandong Henan border region, known as the "little Yan'an" of the border region. Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng, Wan Li, Zeng Siyu, Duan Junyi and other revolutionaries of the older generation have all lived and fought here. The former revolutionary site in yancunpu township was named "national cultural relics protection unit" by the State Council in June 2006.

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