What is the three North Shelterbelt

"Three North" refers to the northwest, North China and northeast. The "Three North" Shelterbelt Project refers to a large-scale artificial forestry ecological project constructed in the three north regions of China (northwest, North China and northeast), which is constructed by the northwest, North China and northeast Shelterbelt Construction Bureau of the State Forestry Administration. The project can slow down the accelerating process of desertification and soil erosion. It is an important construction project in China.

What is the three North Shelterbelt

Extended data:

The "Three North" Shelterbelt Project was launched in November 1978 and was listed as an important project of national economic construction by the State Council the following year. The project is divided into 3 stages and 8 phases. The planning period of the project is 70 years. Now the construction of the fifth phase has been started.

The construction of the three north project is a strategic need to improve the ecological environment, reduce natural disasters and maintain living space. There are eight deserts, four sandy lands and vast Gobi in China in the three north areas, with a total area of 1.48 million square kilometers, accounting for about 85% of the national aeolian desertification land area, forming a ten thousand mile aeolian sand line from Heilongjiang in the east to Xinjiang in the West. Wind erosion and sand burial are serious and sandstorms are frequent in this area. In the past 20 years from the early 1960s to the late 1970s, 6.67 million hectares of land have been desertification, more than 13 million hectares of farmland have been damaged by wind and sand, and the grain yield is low and unstable. More than 10 million hectares of grassland have been seriously degraded due to desertification and salinization, and hundreds of water reservoirs have become sand reservoirs. According to the survey, in the 1950s and 1960s, the desertified land in the three northern regions expanded 1560 square kilometers every year; From the 1970s to the early 1980s, the desertification land expanded by 2100 square kilometers every year.

What is the three North Shelterbelt

The three north project is a major ecological project implemented together with China's reform and opening up. It is an important landmark project for the construction of ecological civilization. After 40 years of unremitting efforts, the project construction has achieved great ecological, economic and social benefits, and has become a successful model of global ecological governance. At present, the ecology of the three northern regions is still fragile. Continuing to promote the construction of the three north project is not only conducive to regional sustainable development, but also conducive to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. We should adhere to long-term achievements, innovate systems and mechanisms, improve policies and measures, continue to promote the construction of the three north project, continuously improve the total amount and quality of forest and grass resources, continuously improve the ecological environment of the three north region, consolidate and develop the green ecological barrier in Northern Xinjiang, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful China.

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