What does apple a2412 mean

Model: iPhone 12

System: IOS 14

Apple a2412 corresponds to iPhone 12.

Relevant data:

IPhone 12 is an iPhone developed by apple in the United States. It adopts a face-to-face frame design, supports 5g, is equipped with a14bionic chip and dual lens rear camera system. Beidou navigation is supported in five colors: black, white, red, green and blue. Mobile phone size 146.7 * 71.5 * 7.4mm, weight: 162g (5.73 ounces).

What does apple a2412 mean

At 1 a.m. Beijing time on October 14, 2020, apple officially released iPhone 12 in Apple park. IPhone 12 size 146.7 * 71.5 * 7.4mm, weight: 162g (5.73 ounces).

What does apple a2412 mean

The iPhone 12 uses a new antenna system to improve 5g performance. Apple said it optimized its IOS system to take advantage of 5g speed while maintaining power efficiency.

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