What model is mdt2 Xiaomi

Millet mde2 is millet 5x. Xiaomi 5x is a mobile phone released by Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. on July 26, 2017. Equipped with snapdragon 625 processor, it supports dual card all Netcom, and has four colors: black, gold, rose gold and red.

The operating system of Xiaomi 5x is MIUI 9.

What model is mdt2 Xiaomi

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Xiaomi 5x is equipped with MIUI 9 lightning version. It will quickly adapt to a stable official version on August 11, 2017. This large version iteration mainly focuses on speed-up, that is, the so-called non Caton. In terms of new functions, three highlights are added: portal, photo search and information assistant.

What model is mdt2 Xiaomi

MIUI 9 also brings three highlight functions, namely photo search, information assistant and portal. Photo search is based on face recognition, which can deflate and retrieve text information to find the historical photos you need; The information assistant helps integrate all the information in the mobile phone to the negative screen to facilitate subsequent search and use; The portal opens the separation between applications, predicts the next operation you need by long pressing to retrieve text information, and pops up directly at the bottom. In addition, MIUI 9 further optimizes the split screen experience.

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