How to open high version CAD drawings in low version CAD

Model: Huawei notebook matebook14

System: Windows 10

Version: Auto CAD 2020

Specific method steps:

1. First, open the file that needs to be opened with the CAD low version software in the CAD high version software.

2. Click the save as icon in the tools menu at the top.

3. Click the drop-down box of file type in the pop-up save as window.

How to open high version CAD drawings in low version CAD

4. Click and select AutoCAD 2000 / LT2000 drawing (*. DWG) from the drop-down menu, and then click save.

5. In the lower version of CAD software, open the file saved as in the upper version of CAD software.

Relevant data:

CAD is computer aided design (CAD), which refers to the use of computers and their graphic equipment to help designers carry out design work.

How to open high version CAD drawings in low version CAD

In the design, computers are usually used to calculate, analyze and compare different schemes to determine the optimal scheme; All kinds of design information, whether digital, literal or graphic, can be stored in the computer memory or external memory, and can be retrieved quickly; Designers usually start design with sketches, and the heavy work of turning sketches into working drawings can be completed by computers; The design results automatically generated by the computer can quickly make graphics, so that designers can judge and modify the design in time; The computer can be used to process graphic data related to graphic editing, enlargement, reduction, translation, copy and rotation.

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