What's the difference between mp3mp4mp5mp6

Taking Philips sa2916 as an example, the difference between mp3mp4mp5mp6 is that mp3 can only listen to music, MP4 adds watching video, MP5 adds photography, and mp6 is an improved version of MP5. Mp3 supports music, some small videos (players), MP4 supports music, video, e-books and other functions, MP5 is an upgraded version, generally supports music, video, e-books, and some also support photography and other functions.

What's the difference between mp3mp4mp5mp6

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MP3 player is actually a small computer with specific functions. In the small body of MP3 player, it has MP3 player memory (memory card), MP3 player display (LCD display), MP3 player central processor MCU (microcontroller) or MP3 player decoding DSP (digital signal processor), etc.

What's the difference between mp3mp4mp5mp6

The microprocessor is the "brain" of the player, which is used to accept the playback control selected by the user, display the currently played song information on the LCD screen, and then send instructions to the data signal processing chip to make it accurately process the audio signal. The digital signal processor first decompresses the MP3 file with the decompression algorithm, then converts the digital information into waveform information with the digital to analog converter, and then amplifies the signal by the amplifier and sends it to the audio port. Finally, we can hear beautiful music through the headset connected to the audio port.

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