How to turn off Huawei mobile phone

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Mobile phone model: Huawei nova5

System version: emui 11

The way to turn off Huawei's mobile phone is to press and hold the power button, and then click turn off. Huawei nova5 is a smart phone released by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. at wuhanguan Valley International Tennis Center on June 21, 2019. Huawei nova5 series includes nova5 and nova5 Pro models, which not only have a more fashionable appearance, but also have been comprehensively upgraded in product performance.

How to turn off Huawei mobile phone

Huawei nova5 series has a unique front-end 32 million portrait super night selfie, making it a popular trend selfie mobile phone for young people. The rear 48 million AI four shots cover the full scene lens of ultra-high definition, ultra wide angle, macro and depth of field virtualization. With the distinctive color matching system and ID design, the fashion trend of nova5 series has increased unprecedentedly, which will lead the new trend of mobile phone industry.

How to turn off Huawei mobile phone

Huawei nova5 series pioneered the super night scene selfie of portrait, which solved the pain point of poor effect of night selfie. Nova5 series generates original raw images through 4-in-1 light fusion mode in night view mode, and processes the images through powerful AI algorithm ability. For the dark subject, the innovative high sensitivity portrait algorithm is used to brighten, enhance and beautify the face. For the scene, the synthesis algorithm is used to adjust the brightness and reduce the noise. The self photographing of the night scene taken by nova5 series can not only ensure that the portrait is clear and the beauty effect is natural, but also make the bright part of the scene behind the portrait not exposed and the dark part has details. Without professional equipment and complex operation steps, you can easily obtain beautiful and clear night scene self photographing.

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