Difference between CC and recipient

CC is no different from the recipient. Because whether it is the recipient or CC, the content of the received email is the same. In addition, the original e-mail system does not support sending to multiple recipients at the same time. Therefore, another column is set, in which several additional recipients can be added.

Difference between CC and recipient

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Secondly, the CC is the person who needs to understand the content of the email. By sending this prompt, the mail recipient can distinguish the primary and secondary of things, and deal with the mail in time or delay.

Difference between CC and recipient

At present, e-mail has developed to the level of G-class capacity. However, the essence of e-mail has not changed. It still sends and receives information from point to point, including single point to single point and single point to multipoint.

With the improvement of e-mail function, e-mail has solved the problem of sending multiple emails at the same time (sending emails to multiple recipients), or supporting multiple recipients at the same time.

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