Where is Jin Gangchuan

Jingangchuan is a river near the front line of Jincheng, located at the foot of Mount Kumgang. Mount Kumgang is located at the border between North Korea and South Korea. Most of the peaks are located in North Korea. Known as the first mountain in North Korea. In April 2020, it was selected into the "2020 world famous summer mountain list".

Where is Jin Gangchuan

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Mount Kumgang is 40 kilometers east-west and 60 kilometers north-south. The main peak of Mount Kumgang is Pilu peak, 1639 meters high. The 12000 peaks of the whole mountain have become the place that the world yearns for. The scenery of Mount Kumgang is really strange. Those rocks have endured tens of thousands of years of wind erosion and rain cutting, and their peaks show a dangerous posture. Mount Kumgang is the "top of the mountain". There are peaks outside the peak. It is majestic and magnificent, with thousands of waterfalls and green pools. It is really spectacular. 12000 peaks are in strange shapes, continuous mountains and valleys, and thousands of stones are like forests. There are countless stone gates, caves, cliffs and canyons. The scenery of Mount Kumgang is indeed the best in the world.

Where is Jin Gangchuan

Mount Kumgang enjoys various reputations according to seasons. The wonders in spring are like pure and transparent diamonds. It is called mount Kumgang. In summer, it is called Penglai mountain because it is comparable to Penglai. In autumn, the mountains are covered with red leaves, such as Dan. It is called Fengyue mountain. In winter, it is called Jinggu mountain because of strange rocks and thin bones. Mount Kumgang has preserved many historical relics such as temples and stone pagodas.

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