What does induction cooker E4 mean

Taking hemispherical my-2200a1 induction cooker as an example, the display E4 means that the voltage is too low, generally lower than 175v. The principle of induction cooker is magnetic field induction eddy current heating. That is, the current is used to generate a magnetic field through the coil. When the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the iron pot, the magnetic line of force is cut, resulting in countless small eddy currents, which makes the iron atoms of the iron pot rotate at high speed and generate collision friction to heat the food directly in the pot.

What does induction cooker E4 mean

Induction cooker, also known as electromagnetic stove, is the product of the modern kitchen revolution. It does not need open fire or conduction heating to generate heat directly at the bottom of the pot, so the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved. It is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving kitchen utensils, which is completely different from all traditional conduction heating kitchenware with or without fire.

What does induction cooker E4 mean

Induction cooker is an electrical cooking appliance made by using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It is composed of high-frequency induction heating coil (i.e. excitation coil), high-frequency power conversion device, controller and ferromagnetic material pot bottom cooker. When in use, an alternating current is applied to the heating coil, and an alternating magnetic field is generated around the coil. Most of the magnetic lines of the alternating magnetic field pass through the metal pot body and generate a large number of eddy currents in the pot bottom, so as to generate the heat required for cooking. There is no open fire during heating, so it is safe and hygienic.

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