How does the computer split two monitors

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Computer model: ASUS adolbook14 2020

System version: Windows 7

Specific steps:

1. Connect the display interfaces of the two monitors to the corresponding interfaces of the graphics card. If the interface types do not match, you may need an adapter, such as HDMI to VGA, DP to HDMI, etc.

2. On the computer desktop, right-click the mouse and select the [screen resolution] option. In the screen resolution dialog box, set it according to your own needs. For example, the main purpose of the question is to display different contents on two screens, and select expand these displays in the multi display tab.

3. When switching the display mode, you can use the shortcut, [win key + P], which can quickly switch the working modes of the two screens. It is often used when the laptop is connected to the projection.

How does the computer split two monitors

If you want to split the computer into two monitors, the computer graphics card needs to support two or more display interfaces. The commonly used display interfaces include VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, etc. If there is only one computer motherboard

matters needing attention.

How does the computer split two monitors

When realizing dual screen display, try to use digital interfaces such as HDMI, DVI and DP to achieve better display effect. VGA interface adopts analog mode, which leads to information loss and poor display effect after digital to analog / analog-to-digital conversion. Be sure to install the graphics card driver. The default driver may not be able to use the dual screen display function.

If the computer uses the integrated display interface of the motherboard, there may be only one display interface, which can be extended by using the USB external graphics card.

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