The difference between half inch photos and one inch photos

The difference between the two is: 1. The size of the photo, half inch photo is 3.3 * 4.8cm; One inch photo is 2.5 * 3.4cm. A photograph refers to a picture of a person or object that is developed and fixed after being exposed under a photographic negative with photosensitive paper. The process is completed in a completely closed dark room. It is an image formed by red, green and blue (RGB) laser scanning.

The difference between half inch photos and one inch photos

Photosensitive imaging technology magically converts RGB Laser into image. Photo color is grown from molecular size in photo paper, not digital printing. Ink jet printing and other output methods are formed by ink accumulation. Photosensitive imaging technology makes the color information of each pixel on the photo complete.

The difference between half inch photos and one inch photos

Today's photos have red background, blue background and white background. Of course, except for the different color of the photos, the size of the photos is different. The photos are divided into one inch, two inch, four inch, etc. you can tell the printer how many inches you want when printing. These inch photos can be used for passports, driver's licenses, various occasions, etc. if conditions permit, you can take several inch photos. I believe it will be useful to keep them.

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