What's the difference between a jackal and a hyena

The difference between jackals and hyenas is that jackals are small canids with more complex social relationships and higher IQ. Hyenas are large in size. Although they have dogs, they are not hyenas, but hyenas. Their living habits are close to that of hyenas. Jackals and hyenas are ferocious carnivores, which are mostly found in the grassland. They live and hunt in groups. In groups, matrilineal is respected.

What's the difference between a jackal and a hyena

Jackals are typical mountain animals, inhabiting in mountain grasslands, subalpine meadows and mountain sparse forests. Multi group camp hunting, sexual alertness, developed sense of smell, and most frequent morning and dusk activities. It is very ferocious and likes chasing. After finding prey, it gathers together for hunting. It mainly preys on medium-sized hoofed animals such as roe deer, musk deer and sheep. It is widely distributed except Taiwan and Hainan. It belongs to the national second-class protected animal.

What's the difference between a jackal and a hyena

Hyenas are hyenas. They are like dogs. Their whole body is covered with stripes. Most of them live alone and rely on developed smell to find rotten meat. Hyenas are a kind of powerful medium-sized beasts. They collectively hunt large and medium-sized herbivores such as gazelles, zebras and wildebeests. They can even kill half a ton of African wild buffalo. They are not the weak who live on the remains and bones of lions. On the contrary, lions often prey on spotted hyenas.

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