What do you mean by hand gift

Hand made gifts generally refer to hand-held gifts. Hand-held gifts mean gifts bought for relatives and friends when going out to other places, usually local specialties, souvenirs, etc. "Accompanying hand" means accompanying people to give hand gifts, that is, the meaning of "accompanying gift" in the ancients. In addition, it also refers to the wedding gift given to guests after the wedding.

What do you mean by hand gift

Beijing hand gift:

In 2012, a company in Beijing launched a hand gift book series, including a trip to Beijing for catering, food and tea. There are also cultural tours, such as tickets to Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Museum and other pavilions, as well as leisure and green life experience. Let people feel Beijing culture while enjoying delicious food. The hand ceremony in the new era will add more colorful to people's life. Hand ceremony combines playing, eating, writing and ceremony, which has the innovation of a new era.

What do you mean by hand gift

Hand ceremony in Taiwan, China:

Many people in Taiwan will call it Dan Lu, which is also the pronunciation of Taiwanese hand gift. It is said that its origin is because the early people in Taiwan lived in hardship. Hand gifts to relatives and friends during the new year's festival were not bought casually on the road, but saved by the whole family or accumulated through their own hard production, which is as difficult as refining pills, For example, the sincere and strong intention. Another saying is waiting for the way, which means waiting for guests to come from afar. China has always been in the habit of reciprocity. Therefore, hand ceremony is like waiting for the way, which makes people look forward to it. Taiwan's well-known hand gifts include pineapple crisp, Niuzha sugar, sorghum wine, coral, cypress, Yingge Ceramics and so on.

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