Is colored mud poisonous

The colored mud is not poisonous. The ingredients of colored mud are actually flour, but some chemical ingredients (pigments and additives to prevent drying) are added to turn it into color. Generally, conscientious enterprises have safe and harmless additives, so they are generally harmless.

Is colored mud poisonous

Colored clay is a kind of educational toy used by children to make creative shapes, but its technology and material are much better than plasticine, soft and not sticky.

After the colored mud is dry, adding an appropriate amount of water can restore its softness, with environmental protection effect, and is suitable for kneading creative works. The colored mud has red, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and other colors respectively, and can be mixed in pairs to create colored mud of other colors, such as red + yellow = orange, Yellow + Green = grass green.

Is colored mud poisonous

The colored mud can be copied and can be pinched into various shapes. According to the molds and templates with different shapes, the colored mud can be made into various items, or under the guidance of teachers or parents, create the works you want. It has a unique educational effect on the coordinated cultivation of children's hands, brain and eyes, color recognition and creative thinking ability.

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