What does online mean?

Online is to transmit their own brand information and promotion information in the form of soft and hard advertising through various forms of media, such as TV, radio, newspaper, network, light box, billboard, etc. Relying on various behaviors on the Internet, relying on the network platform and using online marketing tools to promote product information and company information.

What does online mean?

Online marketing is to entrust the network marketing work that needs to be realized by the enterprise itself to the professional network marketing service provider in the form of contract. The network marketing outsourcing service provider takes the Internet as the platform, based on the in-depth analysis of the enterprise's current situation, product characteristics and industry characteristics, customizes a personalized cost-effective network marketing scheme for the enterprise, is fully responsible for the effective implementation of the scheme, tracks and monitors the network marketing effect, and regularly provides the effect analysis report for the enterprise.

What does online mean?

In this process, the E-marketing service chamber of Commerce gives full play to its various professional advantages in technology, marketing planning and implementation, and tries its best to complete the predetermined objectives in order to obtain the service fees paid by the enterprise.

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