What animals do Snipes and mussels compete for

Snipe: a small fish loving bird with a long bill and a gray back that inhabits the water. Clam: a shell mollusk living in fresh water with two oval shells. "If the snipe and clam (Y ù B à ng) compete, the fisherman will benefit": it literally means that the snipe and clam fight, but the fisherman will finally benefit. It is a metaphor for a third party to benefit from a stalemate between the two sides.

What animals do Snipes and mussels compete for


"The snipe and the clam fight, the fisherman gains."

Zhao also attacked Yan, and the Su Dynasty called Yan. Wang Hui said: "Today's minister comes, the water changes, the clam is exposed, and the snipe pecks its meat, and the clam is more willing than its beak. The snipe says, 'if it doesn't rain today, if it doesn't rain tomorrow, there will be a dead clam!'" the clam is also called a snipe, and says, 'if it doesn't go out today, if it doesn't go out tomorrow, there will be a dead snipe!'. The two refuse to give up. The fisherman gets it and catches it. Today Zhao and cuts down the Yan, and Yan and Zhao Jiuxiang support it to harm the public. I'm afraid Qin will be the fisherman's father. So May the king be familiar with his plans. "King Hui said," good! "Is the end. - Warring States strategy - Yan strategy

What animals do Snipes and mussels compete for


Just as the clam climbed onto the beach and opened its shell to bask in the sun, a snipe rushed to peck its meat. The clam sensitively scrambled its hard shell and tightly clamped the snipe's pointed long mouth. The snipe said to the clam, "if it doesn't rain today, you will die in the sun if it doesn't rain tomorrow." the clam also said to the snipe, "if you can't pull out your mouth today, if you can't pull out tomorrow, you will die of thirst and starvation!" neither the snipe nor the clam would let anyone. As a result, they were easily caught by the fisherman.

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