What is the main composition of Venus atmosphere

The atmosphere of Venus is mainly composed of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The runaway greenhouse effect is the main reason for the extreme climate of Venus. The atmosphere of Venus was discovered by Russian scientists when observing the transit of Venus in St. Petersburg in 1761. It is thicker and denser than the earth's atmosphere, its surface temperature is higher, and the air pressure is 93 atmospheric pressure, mainly composed of carbon dioxide.

What is the main composition of Venus atmosphere

There are opaque clouds formed by sulfuric acid in the atmosphere of Venus, so it is impossible to observe the surface of Venus with visible light on the earth or Venus orbiting detector. The topography of the surface of Venus is detected by radar imaging. The atmosphere of Venus is mainly composed of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as well as a few trace gases.

What is the main composition of Venus atmosphere

Unlike the earth, Venus lacks a magnetic field, and its ionosphere separates the atmosphere from space and the solar wind. The ionosphere isolates the solar magnetic field, which makes the magnetic field environment of Venus quite special, resulting in the "induced magnetosphere" of Venus. Lighter gases including water vapor are continuously blown out of the atmosphere of Venus by the solar wind through the induced magnetotail. It is speculated that the atmosphere of Venus 4 billion years ago is quite similar to the earth's atmosphere with liquid water on its surface.

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