What ring road is Pinggu District in Beijing

Pinggu District of Beijing is outside the sixth ring road. Pinggu District, subordinate to Beijing, is located in the northeast of Beijing, with a total area of 948024 square kilometers. By 2020, Pinggu District has jurisdiction over 2 streets, 2 townships, 14 towns and 2 townships, and the district government is stationed at No. 7 Fuqian street. Pinggu District, 70 kilometers away from Beijing in the West and 90 kilometers away from Tianjin in the East, is the link between the two cities.

What ring road is Pinggu District in Beijing

Pinggu District, the jurisdiction of Beijing, is located in the northeast of Beijing, with high terrain in the northeast and low terrain in the southwest. It belongs to the Beisan river system of Haihe River Basin. There are 32 rivers in the territory. Fuhe River is the longest river in the territory. Pinggu District belongs to temperate continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, the longest winter, the second in summer, and short spring and autumn.

What ring road is Pinggu District in Beijing

In the Paleolithic age, ancestors multiplied in Pinggu and found Shangzhai culture. Pinggu County was founded in the 12th year of Gaozu of the Western Han Dynasty (195 BC). In March 1958, Tongxian special office was revoked and Pinggu County was changed to Tangshan special office of Hebei Province. On October 20 of the same year, Pinggu County was transferred to Beijing. In April 2002, Pinggu County withdrew from the county to build a district. In 2019, it was listed as the national intellectual property pilot city, the county wide pilot unit for improving the quality of farmers' cooperatives, and the first batch of pilot units for the construction of the national rural governance system.

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