Is hydrated lime a mixture or a pure substance

Hydrated lime is pure, and its component is Ca (OH) 2. Hydrated lime, namely calcium hydroxide, is a white powdery solid. The chemical formula Ca (OH) З is commonly known as hydrated lime and hydrated lime, and the aqueous solution is called clarified lime water. Calcium hydroxide is a kind of strong alkali with the universality of alkali. Calcium hydroxide is a binary strong base, but it is only slightly soluble in water. Calcium hydroxide is widely used in industry.

Is hydrated lime a mixture or a pure substance

Lime is the earliest cementitious material used by human beings. In the 8th century BC, the ancient Greeks had been used in architecture, and lime was also used in China in the 7th century BC. Many ancient gorgeous murals and rammed foundation sites preserved use lime. The construction of the Qin Great Wall is also an example. China is one of the earliest countries to produce and utilize lime. According to archaeological data, smooth and solid walls and floors plastered with lime have been seen in many Longshan cultural sites in the Yellow River Basin of China. According to the determination of C-14, the lime used in the Longshan site has been artificially calcined.

Is hydrated lime a mixture or a pure substance

In the development of modern industry, lime, as the main material of civil engineering, has a new application in new industrial fields. For example, a large amount of lime is used in metallurgy, glass, alkali and sugar making, papermaking, tanning, calcium carbide and organic chemical industry, carbonized brick, carbonized board, soil improvement, water treatment and gas purification.

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