What does psychological crisis mean

Psychological crisis refers to the psychological reaction of individuals when they encounter emergencies or face major setbacks and difficulties, and the parties themselves can neither avoid nor use their own resources and stress methods to solve them. Psychological crisis can refer to the serious imbalance of psychological state, fierce psychological contradictions and difficult to solve conflicts, it can also refer to mental collapse or mental disorder, and it can also refer to the occurrence of psychological obstacles.

What does psychological crisis mean


Generally speaking, crisis has two meanings. First, it refers to unexpected events, such as earthquake, flood, air crash, disease outbreak, terrorist attack, war, etc; The second refers to the state of emergency. When an individual encounters major problems or changes that make it difficult to solve and grasp, the balance will be broken, the normal life will be disturbed, the inner tension will be accumulated, and then there will be confusion, even the disorder of thinking and behavior, and enter an unbalanced state, which is the state of crisis. Crisis means the destruction of balance and stability, causing chaos and unrest. Crisis occurs because individuals realize that an event and situation exceeds their coping ability, not the event itself.

What does psychological crisis mean

Development process:

Psychological research has found that people's psychological response to crisis usually goes through four different stages. The first is the impact period, which occurs shortly after or at the time of the crisis. I feel shocked, panicked and overwhelmed. For example, after suddenly hearing the news that SARS broke out in Beijing, relatives had SARS, medical staff were infected with SARS, and the number of SARS patients increased sharply, most people would show fear and anxiety. The second is the defense period, which is manifested in the desire to restore psychological balance, control anxiety and emotional disorder, and restore the damaged cognitive function. But do not know how to do, there will be denial, rationalization and so on. The third is the solution period, actively adopt various methods to accept the reality, seek various resources and try to solve the problem. Anxiety decreased, self-confidence increased and social function recovered. Finally, it is the growth period. After experiencing the crisis, it becomes more mature and obtains the skills to deal with the crisis. However, some people have negative coping and all kinds of mental unhealthy behaviors.

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