Are wild ducks protected animals

Wild ducks are national protected animals. Wild duck is a typical representative of waterfowl. Wild duck is the common name of mallard in the northern hemisphere. Wild ducks belong to ornitha, echinomorpha and Anatidae; It is a popular name for a variety of wild ducks, with more than ten species. In a narrow sense, the wild duck refers to the mallard duck, which is also called big mallard, big red leg duck and hemp duck. It is the most common large wild duck and the ancestor of all domestic ducks except muscovy duck. It is the main object of artificial domestication.

Are wild ducks protected animals

Wild ducks can make long-distance migration flights, and the highest flight speed can reach 110 kilometers per hour. The female wild duck is small, with a body length of 50 ~ 56 cm and a weight of about 1 kg; The whole body of the young wild duck is black gray down, with light yellow down on the face, shoulder, back and abdomen, gray beak and feet, and yellow toes and claws.

Are wild ducks protected animals

Although the mallard is wild, it is timid and vigilant. It screams when strangers, livestock and wild animals approach. Escape in groups. If you are suddenly frightened, run away and fly high. Therefore, the wild duck breeding environment should be quiet and free from human and animal interference as far as possible.

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