What is the relationship between aunt and son-in-law

Aunt and son-in-law refer to the relationship between aunt and son-in-law. Northerners call them uncle and southerners call them son-in-law. Secondly, each nation has a kinship appellation system to express the relationship of family members. Kinship appellation refers to the name that determines the relationship between family members and themselves centered on themselves. It is the name and method of mutual appellation between relatives based on blood relatives and in laws.

What is the relationship between aunt and son-in-law

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In the Chinese kinship system, the male line is traditionally the core, and the relatives are divided into lineal relatives, external relatives and wife relatives. Among relatives, there are specific kinship titles according to each person's generation, clan, age and gender. Chinese kinship terms have the characteristics of clear organization and orderly respect and inferiority, which has become a major feature of Chinese culture.

What is the relationship between aunt and son-in-law

It is a sign of determining the relationship between relatives and myself with myself as the axis. The relatives of the Han nationality are well-organized and orderly: the names of the older generation include aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers, nephews and nephews, etc. The kinship of Chinese people due to in laws is quite complicated. The various appellations derived from it are also a major feature of Chinese culture.

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