What does T2 terminal mean

T2 terminal is the abbreviation of terminal 2. Terminal, also known as terminal building, terminal building, passenger terminal building and terminal building, is a facility in the airport to provide aircraft passengers with facilities to convert land traffic and air traffic, so as to facilitate them to get on and off the plane. In the terminal, passengers need to check in and check their luggage after purchasing tickets, and can board the plane only after passing the security checkpoint and certificate inspection.

What does T2 terminal mean

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The terminal is one of the main parts of the airport. There are check-in counters, waiting halls, entry-exit lobby, customs and quarantine facilities, as well as public transport interchanges to the urban area.

What does T2 terminal mean

Airports for International Flights generally have customs and entry-exit facilities, but some countries have agreements with each other that passengers traveling by air do not need to undergo customs and immigration inspection, so these facilities are not necessary facilities for international airports. International Flights often require high hardware facilities and safety quality. Many countries adopt the same safety level for international and domestic airports.

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