How many kilometers is the width of the Taiwan Strait

The width of the Taiwan Strait is about 230 kilometers from east to west, and the nearest place to Fujian is about 130 kilometers. The Taiwan Strait, referred to as the "Taiwan Strait", is a strait connecting the South China Sea and the East China Sea between Fujian Province and Taiwan Province. From fuguijiao, Xinbei City, Taiwan Province, China to Pingtan Island, Fujian Province in the north, to Dongshan Island, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, and Eluanbi, Taiwan Province, China in the south.

How many kilometers is the width of the Taiwan Strait

The Taiwan Strait is a strait between China's Taiwan Island and the coast of Fujian, known as the "maritime corridor". Theoretically, it belongs to the East China Sea and Nantong South China Sea. The southern boundary is the junction of the southern tip of Taiwan Island and the coast of Fujian and Guangdong; The northern boundary is the connection between Fugui angle at the northern end of Taiwan Island and the elevation angle at the northern end of Pingtan Island. It runs from northeast to southwest and is about 370km long. The north is narrow and the south is wide, and the north entrance is about 200 kilometers wide; The south entrance is about 410 kilometers wide; The narrowest point is between Baisha cape on Taiwan Island and Pingtan Island in Haitan, Fujian, about 130 kilometers. The total area is about 80000 square kilometers.

How many kilometers is the width of the Taiwan Strait

The Strait belongs to the shallow sea of the continental shelf of the East China Sea. In Paleozoic and Mesozoic, it was also a part of Cathaysian ancient land. The large-scale transgression of the Eocene in the Tertiary period turned the Strait and both sides into oceans. During the Miocene Himalayan orogeny, Taiwan island rose up and became land, forming the basic outline of the Strait topography. During the Quaternary glacial period, the Strait experienced many sea and land changes. About 6000 years ago, it began to form today's Strait topography.

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