What does it mean to feed girls

"Feeding girls" means: feeding girls delicious food. "Feeding" generally means that you want to bring some snacks for your favorite characters, which is the same as food for lovely animals.

What does it mean to feed girls

Extended data:

The original meaning of "throwing food" is to throw food, or ask for food. The word comes from the biography of the Three Kingdoms · Wei Zhi · Qi Wang Fang: "ZHUGE Ke encircles Hefei new city." Pei Songzhi's note leads Jin Xi to chisel his teeth. "Han, Jin and spring and Autumn": "Jiang Wei has heavy troops, but the county army should be Ke. It is not a deep-rooted enemy."

Later, "feeding" gradually became an Internet term. At first, this word was used to describe people who want to eat and let others feed themselves delicious food. Later, it gradually became popular on the Internet. Then, new meanings are derived.

What does it mean to feed girls

For example, such expressions are written in some video platforms and groups. Here | means asking for gifts or rewards. The word "seeking food" is also used very much in the cos circle. "Seeking to feed" accompanied by "feeding" is an industry term in Manzhan (i.e. animation exhibition), which means seeking to love. As a newcomer to the diffuse exhibition, you must know and avoid not understanding the meaning of terms, resulting in failure to communicate with others.

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