How much standard coal is 1 kwh

One degree of electricity is about 320G of standard coal. According to the data provided by the national development and Reform Commission, the average power supply coal consumption of thermal power plants per kilowatt hour will be reduced from 392g standard coal in 2000 to 360g standard coal, and will reach 320G standard coal in 2020, that is, one kilogram of standard coal can generate 3000 Watt hours of electricity.

How much standard coal is 1 kwh

Conversion standard:

Energy conversion coefficient of standard coal = actual calorific value of certain energy (kcal / kg) / 7000 (kcal / kg). Before converting various energy into standard coal, first calculate the actual average calorific value of various energy, and then convert into standard coal.

Average calorific value, also known as average calorific value, refers to the weighted average of the measured calorific value of different types or varieties of energy. The calculation formula is the average calorific value (kcal / kg)= Σ [measured low calorific value of a certain energy source (kcal / kg) × Quantity of this energy (ton)] / total energy (ton)

There is no internationally recognized unified standard for the calculation of standard coal. The calorific value of 1kg standard coal is calculated by 7000 kcal in China, the former Soviet Union and Japan and 6880 kcal in the United Nations.

How much standard coal is 1 kwh

Extended data:

There are many kinds of energy, and the heat content is also different. In order to facilitate mutual comparison and Research on the total amount, China sets 7000 kcal (29307 kJ) per kilogram of heat as standard coal, also known as standard coal.

In addition, China often converts all kinds of energy into tons of standard coal. For example, the energy of 1 ton of straw is equivalent to 0.5 tons of standard coal, and the energy of 1 cubic meter of biogas is equivalent to 0.7 kg of standard coal.

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