Where was the world's first International Stamp Exhibition held

The world's first international stamp exhibition was held in Vienna, Austria. The first international stamp exhibition was held in Vienna from November 13 to 20, 1881. Several philatelists from different countries exhibited their stamps at the same time, thus creating the history of the International Stamp Exhibition.

Where was the world's first International Stamp Exhibition held

Since then, international stamp exhibitions have also been held in Antwerp, Belgium and London, England. After the establishment of the international Philatelic Federation in 1926, it began to formulate and improve the rules of the stamp exhibition, and required all member organizations to strictly implement them. Since then, the scale of the International Stamp Exhibition has been expanding, and the number of exhibits is also increasing. The enrichment of the content, the improvement of the level and the expansion of the influence of the stamp exhibition have effectively promoted the exchange of the International Stamp Exhibition and the development of philatelic activities, and have become a grand event of philately.

Where was the world's first International Stamp Exhibition held

The attention of international stamp exhibitions is relatively high. Generally, the world stamp exhibition is held once a year. At present, more than 60 countries or regions have held the world stamp exhibition, which is more popular. The World Philatelic Exhibition is the world's top competitive philatelic event with the highest level and the highest level organized by the international Philatelic Federation to promote the development of World Philatelic Culture. It is a global cultural activity deeply loved and concerned by people. It is known as "Olympic event in philately".

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