What does ancient lingai mean

In ancient times, lingai refers to the daughter of others, which is often used to call each other's daughter. Lingai is a Chinese word, also known as lingai. Its pronunciation is l ì ng à I. It is an honorific, honorific call for others' daughter. It comes from the popular novel "grinding jade Guanyin in Beijing": "Hou Yu said: ' if you have nothing to do, you can ask. Is it your love to call out to see the king's sedan chair? ' waiting for the imperial edict said: ' it's a humble girl, only three people. '"

What does ancient lingai mean

Citation explanation:

"The dedication of suspect X": "God Shi asked nervously: ' how's lingai recently? '"

The 23rd chapter of journey to the West: "Bajie Road: ' mom, you're making love. Don't pick up the Han like this. Think of my Tang monk, although the talent is handsome, it's actually useless. '"

Mao Dun's "Lin's shop" V: "director Bu in the town doesn't know where he met Ling AI. He's very fond of it."

What does ancient lingai mean

Relevant honorifics:

It is used to salute others or their relatives and friends. It is often used to salute each other's relatives. Honoring the father of others: your father and strict order; Honoring the mother of others: your mother, your mother; Respectfully call others' sons: your son, heir and son; Honorific wife of others: order (k) ǔ n) , Zhengling and zhiwife; Respectfully call others' son-in-law: Ling son-in-law, Ling tan.

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