What is miso made of

Weizeng is made from Penglai rice and soybean by adding salt and fermentation. Weizeng is popular in Japan because of its rich nutrition and unique taste. It is the most popular seasoning in Japan. It can not only make soup, but also cook vegetables with meat, but also make the soup bottom of hot pot, which is rich in protein, amino acids and food fiber.

What is miso made of

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The Japanese love of weizeng can be said to be infatuated. Without taste enhancement, the flavor of Japanese cuisine will be much worse. For example, Japanese noodles (including restaurants and instant noodles) sell more than 10 billion copies every year, and 50% of them are flavored. There are condiments all over the world in the Japanese condiment market, but weizeng is indispensable to the Japanese.

What is miso made of

With the increasingly obvious global economic integration and the increasingly in-depth food cultural exchanges between China and Japan, now, Japan's weizeng has gradually entered China. Some famous Japanese food manufacturing enterprises have established joint ventures in China to produce monosodium glutamate products, such as Shengu Brewing Food Co., Ltd. in Japan, Xihu Shengu Brewing Food Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou monosodium glutamate factory in China, and "marusai" Co., Ltd. in Japan has sent a number of monosodium glutamate manufacturing experts to provide technical guidance and development in Hangzhou, China for a long time. Hotels and restaurants in some big cities in China use weizeng to cook delicious dishes. Some food manufacturing factories in China also use weizeng to produce a variety of food and condiments. In China, weizeng is increasingly accepted by people.

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