Which county does Baigou town belong to

Baigou town is under the jurisdiction of Baoding. Baigou town was originally a sub county-level town under the jurisdiction of Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province. Later, Baoding officially established Baigou new town. Baigou town was upgraded from the original township to the sub regional level and directly under the jurisdiction of Baoding. Baigou new town is located in the hinterland of Beijing Tianjin Baoding triangle and close to xiong'an new area. It is a well-known small commodity distribution center in China. In July 2008, it was merged and established by the former Baigou town of Gaobeidian City and Baiyangdian hot spring city development zone.

Which county does Baigou town belong to

Baigou in history was once a famous land and water wharf in northern China and is well-known as "Yannan metropolis". Today, Baigou has changed from a "small market" to a "big mall". The market has more than 10000 fixed stores, more than 30000 business stalls, more than 150000 kinds of daily listed commodities, and 300000 passengers per day. In 2005, the market turnover reached 17.1 billion yuan, ranking sixth among the top 100 markets in China.

Which county does Baigou town belong to

Baoding Baigou new town working committee of the Communist Party of China and Baoding Baigou New Town Management Committee are the dispatched offices of Baoding Municipal Party committee and Baoding Municipal Government respectively, with the specification of deputy department level. There are five internal institutions under the "four bureaus and one office" of general office, organization and Personnel Bureau, planning and Construction Bureau, economic and Social Development Bureau and Finance Bureau, with the specification of deputy department level.

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