Is Weifang near the sea

Weifang is not close to the sea, but the north of Weifang is close to the Bohai Bay. There is Weifang port, which is rich in sea salt and all kinds of seafood. Weifang, formerly known as Weizhou and Weixian, also known as the capital of kite, is a prefecture level city in Shandong Province and a regional central city of Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration approved by the State Council.

Is Weifang near the sea

Weifang is located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, adjacent to Taiyi mountains in the south, Laizhou Bay in the Bohai Sea in the north, Qingdao and Yantai in the East, Dongying and Zibo in the West. It is the throat from the inland hinterland of Shandong to the peninsula area, and Jiaoji railway crosses the East and West of the city. The straight-line distance is 183 kilometers from the provincial capital Jinan in the West and 410 kilometers from the capital Beijing in the northwest.

Is Weifang near the sea

The landform of Weifang City forms several steps from north to south, from low to high. Generally, it is divided into 3 geomorphic areas and 18 geomorphic types: lowland, plain, low mountain and hill. It is adjacent to Laizhou Bay of Bohai Sea in the north and bounded by brackish water line in the south. It is formed by overlapping marine sediments and river alluvium. The terrain is low and flat, with an altitude of less than 7m. Since modern times, the sea area phenomenon has been remarkable. Due to the dynamic action of waves and tides, a large amount of marine strata have been accumulated, forming a marine plain and swamp slightly inclined to the coast. The layered structure is obvious and contains a lot of organic matter and biological shells.

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