What material is vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is a subdivision of the top leather, also known as carved leather, tree cream leather, tannin leather and belt leather. The color is the natural color without dyeing. Vegetable tanned leather has small elasticity, water absorption and easy to soften, plasticity and easy shaping. Its color ranges from natural light meat pink to light brown. It is most suitable for leather carving crafts.

What material is vegetable tanned leather

The first layer of cowhide is the leather tanned with vegetable tannins, so it is also commonly known as tree paste leather, and some are written as tree cake leather. Characteristics of vegetable tanned leather: after tanning and fatliquoring, the leather is soft, the leather fiber tissue is compact, the extensibility is small, the formability is good, the board surface is full and elastic, there is no greasy feeling, the grain surface and suede surface of the leather are shiny, and it is easy to become soft after absorbing water.

What material is vegetable tanned leather

"Leather" refers to the leather tanned with vegetable tannin extracted from plants or with chemical agents such as metal chromium and synthetic tanning agent. The dyed, oiled and dried leather can maintain quality and flexibility under moderate maintenance. Among them, the leather tanned with vegetable tannin (tannic acid) is very suitable for carving and leather molding because of its strong water absorption and high plasticity.

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