The difference between female and male hairy crabs

The belly shell of male hairy crab is generally pointed, while the belly shell of female hairy crab is round. In addition, when judging male and female crabs, you can see that under its abdominal cover, the male hairy crab shell is sharp and narrow, and the wider and rounder is what we often call female crabs. Therefore, when distinguishing male and female crabs, we can distinguish them from their appearance.

The difference between female and male hairy crabs

Male hairy crab has crab paste, large head and sharp belly; The more crab paste, the richer the nutrients on hairy crab, and the more fat content; The female hairy crab has crab roe, small head and round belly; Crab roe contains a lot of essential phospholipids, fat, protein and vitamins, which is rich in nutritional value.

The difference between female and male hairy crabs

Among the hairy crabs, there are orange grains. The harder one is the crab yolk. The crab with crab yolk is the female crab. The crab yolk is the ovary and egg cell of the crab. Generally, around the September of the lunar calendar, the female crab's gonad is mature and the crab meat is the most plump; Among the crabs, the white sticky one is the crab paste. The crab with crab paste is the male crab. The crab paste is the accessory gonad of the crab. Generally, after the lunar October, the male crab gonad is mature and the crab meat is the most plump.

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