Mute unknown caller what do you hear

If the mobile phone fails to answer in the mute mode, the other party will hear the normal call echo. After the time limit is exceeded, the other party will hear the prompt of no response.

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Mobile phone, fully known as mobile phone or wireless phone, is usually called mobile phone. It was originally just a communication tool. In the early days, it was also commonly known as big brother. It is a portable telephone terminal that can be used in a wide range. It was first developed from the battlefield mobile phone manufactured by Bell Laboratories in 1940.

Mute unknown caller what do you hear

In 1958, Leonid, a Soviet engineer. Kuprijanovic invented ЛК- Type 1 mobile phone. In 1973, American Motorola engineer Martin Cooper invented the world's first commercial mobile phone. After 2G era and 3G era, it has developed to 4G era so far, followed by 5g era, and 5g commercial has appeared in China.

Mute unknown caller what do you hear

Mobile phones are divided into smart phones and feature phones. Generally, the performance of smart phones is better than that of non smart phones, but the performance of non smart phones is more stable than that of smart phones. Most non smart phones and smart phones use the CPU of British arm company.

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