How to contact Taobao to save money and refund monthly card

If you have ordered, you can't refund the fee in the current month. You can cancel the order in the next month.

Model: Huawei mate30

System: emui 10

Version: Taobao v9.15.0

Specific method steps:

1. In [my Taobao]. Click [setting] (upper right gear).

2. Select payment settings.

3. Secret free payment / automatic deduction.

4. Select [88 red envelope money saving card continuous monthly package] and click close the service to cancel the continuous monthly package (automatic renewal) service.

How to contact Taobao to save money and refund monthly card

Relevant data:

Taobao is a large online retail and business district in the Asia Pacific region. It was founded by Alibaba Group in May 2003. Taobao is a popular online shopping and retail platform in China. It has nearly 500 million registered users and more than 60 million regular visitors every day. At the same time, the number of online goods per day has exceeded 800 million, with an average of 48000 goods sold per minute.

How to contact Taobao to save money and refund monthly card

Taobao advocates an honest, active and fast online trading culture and adheres to the principle of "treasure can't be Taobao, trust can't be abandoned." while creating a safer and more efficient online trading platform for Taobao members, Taobao also makes every effort to create and advocate a relaxed and lively family atmosphere of mutual assistance. Everyone who trades on Taobao not only trades faster and more efficiently, but also makes more friends.

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