Fuzzy matching of some fields in Excel

Model: Huawei notebook matebook14

System: Windows 10

Specific method steps:

1. First, open Excel;

2. For example, B1, B2 and B3 are the full names of the company, while D1 is the abbreviation of the company;

3. Select cell E1, and then click Insert function in the formula toolbar;

Fuzzy matching of some fields in Excel

4. Then select the "lookup" function in the open box;

5. Finally, enter the same value of each input box as in the figure, and the "calculation result" will be displayed as the full name. Click OK.

Relevant data:

Fuzzy matching is a method used in some computer programs, especially those designed to automatically translate text between different languages. It is applicable to the case that the database used by the software does not exactly match the text.

Fuzzy matching of some fields in Excel

On the contrary, the database is looking for a close match, which is usually manually modified to check the acceptable accuracy. Most automatic translators simply compare the text with a previously translated database. This database is commonly referred to as translation memory (TM). Each new and confirmed translation is added to the database, which means that future translations are usually more accurate and faster. Generally, TM based translation applies to the whole sentence.

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