What is the sewer sweeper

The sewer sweeper is a kind of fish. The sewer sweeper is the common name of the multi spoke winged catfish and lower mouth catfish of the bone catfish family. In some areas, it is commonly known as strong waist dragon, strong waist fish, waist treasure fish, etc. Scavengers like to eat the residual bait and dirt of aquarium and play a role in purifying water quality.

What is the sewer sweeper

Scavengers, also known as sucker fish and mouth catfish, are scientifically called a catfish. They are native to rivers in South America and can often be seen in Central America. The fish body is semi cylindrical and the tail fin is shallow forked. It likes weak acidic soft water. The suitable water temperature is more than 20 ℃. The adult fish is up to 30 cm long and can not survive the winter naturally. It moves at the bottom of the water body. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, easy feeding, omnivorous eating, low oxygen tolerance and high fishing rate. It is welcomed by consumers and farmers.

What is the sewer sweeper

Scavengers are omnivorous fish, sucking algae, benthos and garbage in the water, and can also swallow a large number of fish eggs and fry. Scavengers are nocturnal fish and can be mixed with healthy species of fish. Instead of eating fish feed, it swims around on the bottom and sides of the aquarium. The places it swims are very clean. The scavenger's mouth sucked fish dung and green plants into his stomach like a vacuum cleaner. It also has a bubble in its mouth, which is oxygen, so it can stay in the water longer and eat more "food". Scavengers take fish excreta, algae, bacteria and feed residue as their main food, which has also become the origin of its name.

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