What does battery CCA mean

Battery CCA means cold start current. It indicates the maximum output current of the battery under a specified low temperature state (usually - 18 ℃). The so-called battery is an electrochemical equipment that stores chemical energy and releases electric energy when necessary.

What does battery CCA mean

Battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is a rechargeable battery designed to realize recharging through reversible chemical reaction. It usually refers to lead-acid battery. It is one of batteries and belongs to secondary battery. Its working principle is to use external electric energy to regenerate internal active substances during charging, store electric energy as chemical energy, and convert chemical energy into electrical energy output again when discharging, such as mobile phone batteries commonly used in life.

What does battery CCA mean

Battery is a chemical "power supply" widely used in the world. It has the advantages of stable voltage, safety and reliability, low price, wide application range, rich raw materials and high recycling rate. It is a battery with the largest output and the widest use among all kinds of batteries in the world. The development of science and technology, the improvement of human life quality, the crisis of oil resources and the deterioration of the earth's ecological environment have formed a dual social background of the rapid development of science and technology and industry in the field of new secondary batteries and related materials.

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