Native place: city or county

Native place refers to the province plus the county-level administrative region. The county-level administrative region includes County, district and county-level city. For example, if the native place is in the urban area, you can fill in the provincial plus listed administrative region. Native place refers to the main place of residence or origin, which refers to the long-term residence of great grandfather and upper paternal ancestors, or the birthplace of great grandfather and upper paternal ancestors.

Native place: city or county

Native place, that is, ancestral place or origin. Detailed refers to the ancestral home, which is the long-term residence of an ancestor in a certain period of a family group. Detailed refers to the long-term residence of grandfather and above paternal ancestors or the birthplace of great grandfather and above paternal ancestors. Some people who have left their ancestral birthplace or their hometown still trace their ancestral birthplace or ancestral hometown (i.e. ancestral home) as their native place. Origin refers to one's original place of origin before one moves to a certain place.

Native place: city or county

China registered residence is not necessarily the ancestral home or native place of the registered residence, especially in economically developed areas and some new places and modern buildings which were built after the founding of new China. These people generally migrated from other places after the reform and opening up or during China's planned economy period according to the distribution of the country at that time or immigrated to new places in modern times.

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